About Us

Food service distributor in Quezon City, Philippines. Based from the word essential oils, Essoils Inc. is a company that produces different essential oils and hydrosol products.


Essoils use real Lemon Grass that we extract in our production facilities in Baras, Rizal, Philippines. We support and acquire all our Lemon Grass from local farmers to help support and sustain their trade. Essoils use real Lemon Grass extract in all our product to make sure that our clients will get all the real benefits that comes with drinking Lemon Grass


Essoils envisions a line of delicious and refreshing drinks infused with real Lemon Grass extract. Essoils aims to create products made in the Philippines that Filipinos can be proud of, love and support. To create Lemon Grass based products that is unique, refreshing, and delicious

Our Company Profile

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